About Us


I"m Erica a tarot reader and a spiritual adviser, Life coach, Spellcaster, Rootworker, Lover of nature.

I've got 14 years of experience of helping people that needs my help whether it is with my readings or spiritual work, the services I offer nurturing and support to clients through life crises and difficult transitions, by the arts of listening, witnessing, and spiritual mentoring.

The truest help one can give to another is to be truly present through their life transitions. My specialty is facilitating life changes through prayer, candle services, dream interpretation co-created spell-casting (also known as dual casting), education, and integrative energy work based upon ancient principles and techniques that complement modern health care, motivational and performance enhancement, and personal and spiritual exploration.

I divine with cards and with the help of my guides to offer guidance with regards to romantic, financial, career, domestic, and spiritual, goals and relationships. I can help you to create the future you desire, make healthy choices. I use the cards  to communicate with spirits to get advice regarding spell work and other area's of your life.

Past life experiences may also be explored to assist in the removal of unhealthy patterns that maybe caused by spiritual blocks, to reveal hidden talents and abilities, and to clarify relationships and any situations in your current life that you may need guidance.

Creating my own healing spiritual products feels me with great joy, from the oils to the herbs from our beautiful planet to the energy of the beautiful crystal stones selected and led by spirit tapping into the universal knowledge all these energetic elements to create the most effective end results is most satisfying to me.

Many blessings to you love and light.